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Alexandra Sheehan





Alexandra Sheehan's road to architecture has been anything but linear. After completing a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz she went on to work in the publishing industry in both San Francisco and New York for over 12 years. Fueled by her love of stories - how conversations, memory, and human interaction shape lives and communities, she embarked on a multi-year travel hiatus. 

From staring at cathedrals to hours spent people watching in cafes, she realized that she had unused creativity and needed to continue her own personal narrative by going back to school. Physical spaces and how they impact everyday lives became her obsession. Her graduate work was completed in Architecture at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego. Her thesis  (The InBetween: Disrupting Neighborhoods to Increase Social Equity)  was dedicated to examining the hidden racial biases found in urban / suburban American neighborhoods and to exploring how it is the imperative of the architectural profession to consciously aid and create spaces that foster equity. 


Her work continues to be conscious of community and seeks to make structures that are humble in their aesthetic, harmonious with the environment in their make-up, and work horses for the people that use them. She believes people breathe life and beauty into buildings. She believes structures are stories written in glass and stone.

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