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Tiziana Proietti

MSc in Architecture and Design​, Phd


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Tiziana Proietti, Ph.D., is an architect, educator and researcher. She is Assistant Professor at the C. Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma with joint appointments in the Departments of Architecture and Interior Design. She earned her doctorate from the Department of Architecture DiaP of the University of Rome Sapienza (Italy) in 2013 and conducted her doctoral research in collaboration with the University of Technology TUDelft (Netherlands), where she worked as visiting Ph.D researcher.

Her doctoral dissertation concentrated on the theory of proportion in architecture through the work of the Dutch architect and Benedictine monk Hans van der Laan (1904-1991) and his proportional system of plastic numbers. She published her studies on proportion in several books and articles, the latter including Ordine e Proporzione. Dom Hans van der Laan e l’espressività dello spazio architettonico (Quodlibet, 2015). Interested in the perceptive and cognitive value of proportion, her research investigates mechanisms of proportion perception by connecting architecture with neuroscience.


Since 2018, she has been collaborating with the scientist Dr. Sergei Gepshtein (Salk Institute for Biological Studies and University of Southern California) to develop an interdisciplinary program of research which will bridge neuroscience and architectural design and test long-standing hypotheses about the human response to architectural proportion. 


Proietti is the founding director of the Sense|Base Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma. Sense|Base is a space where architectural questions are answered through scientific methodologies and tools. It is a space where human responses to external stimuli are measured and where experiences of architecture are subject to scientific experimentation. At Sense|Base, she studies the effects of proportion on human perception and behavior in the built environment.

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