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Tue, Jul 09



Sensory Perception of Office Environments

This presentation explores the complex relationship between sensory perception of office environments and physiological stress.

Sensory Perception of Office Environments
Sensory Perception of Office Environments

Time & Location

Jul 09, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM GMT+2



About the event


In modern workplaces, the design and sensory attributes of office environments play a crucial role in influencing employee health, well-being and productivity. This presentation explores the complex relationship between sensory perception of office environments and physiological stress. Utilising a multidisciplinary approach, we examine how various sensory stimuli, such as lighting, acoustics, air quality, as well as proprioception, vestibular, kinesthesia and  thermoception intersect with spatial aesthetics, impacting neuropsychophysiology. Through a review of recent empirical studies and the latest advancements in environmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, we identify key factors that contribute to physiological stress reduction or exacerbation in office settings. Our findings highlight potential pathways between sensory perception of office environments and the neuropsychophysiological effects of stress and emotion, including the identification of potential biomarkers and research methods from which to measure sensory perception of office environments and its effect on physiological stress. By understanding these sensory-physiological interactions, we highlight potential opportunities and considerations to design healthier office environments, ultimately reducing associated negative health outcomes related to physiological stress. This presentation aims to foster a deeper understanding of how optimised sensory environments can serve as an exploratory research method and a resource for understanding growing rates of workplace stress and its contribution to overall disease. 

Presenter:  Sophie Schuller - Built Environmental Neurophysiology Researcher - PhD Student – Advisor

Sophie Schuller, a Neurophysiology Researcher specialising in the Built Environment, is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Sophie’s research explores the impact of office design on neurophysiological stress and cognition, considering the mediating role of sensory perception. Her research encompasses the convergence of architecture, sensory perception, cognitive neuroscience, stress physiology, and the history of work and the city.

Despite her architectural focus, Sophie approaches her research through the lens of Commercial Real Estate Development, examining the industries' role in shaping human experiences within buildings and cities. With over 18 years of experience in consulting, finance, and research, including leading Global Applied Research for Cushman & Wakefield, Sophie's expertise extends to understanding how urban systems influence society and public health.

Sophie holds an MSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London, an MBA from London Business School, a BSc in Urbanism and a CFA.  Sophie is a sought-after speaker at global conferences on real estate, construction, design, and the built environment. She has authored and contributed to numerous papers, articles, and books, recently collaborating with The Royal Institute of British Architects on a book on the future of work and workplace, 'Reworking the Workplace.'

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