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Rodrigo Muro

Ph.D. Student/KTH Lighting Master program director 


Rodrigo Muro, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is an accomplished architect, lighting designer, and educator. With an enriching blend of over 25 years in both practice and education, Rodrigo has lent his expertise to projects in Sweden, Spain, and Mexico.
Initially trained as an architect, Rodrigo furthered his academic pursuits by obtaining a Master's degree in Architectural Lighting Design from KTH, Stockholm, and another in Industrial Design from UPC, Barcelona.
Since 2011, Rodrigo has been a pivotal figure at KTH's School of Architecture and Built Environment, specifically within the Division of Lighting Design. Starting as a lecturer and tutor, he now holds the esteemed position of Program Director for the Master of Architectural Lighting Design.
In 2017, Rodrigo co-founded the "Architecture and Daylight" Studio in Architecture Master's program at KTH. His engagement with the lighting division has been multifaceted, contributing to educational development, research on school lighting, public realm lighting installations, and lectures both at other Swedish educational institutions, international conferences and abroad in universities in Austria, Denmark, Ireland and Mexico.
Parallel to his roles in education and practice, Rodrigo is currently immersing himself in PhD studies at KTH, focusing on the role of lighting in Emotional Architecture. His investigative approach weaves together phenomenology and explorative research, probing the intricate interplay between light, space, and the human emotional experience.

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