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Veronika Mayerboek

Lighting Designer/Architect



Veronika Mayerboek is a lighting designer and architect. Grounded as a professional with extensive experience in design application, the domain of lighting serves in her work as a key discipline connecting architecture, cognitive sciences, and neuroscience through human cognition. As an architect and dancer, the symbiosis between space and movement determined her professional focus on light and human perception early on fostering a more body situated understanding of architecture, space, and design. Pursuing her studies of Architecture and Dance simultaneously she soon started merging boundaries between architecture and human cognition investigating the sensorial interface between body and built space, exploring the role of our body and senses, movement and (inter-) action during our process of attunement to the built environment. For more than 10 years she has been developing and teaching embodied design strategies to students of Architecture and Lighting Design aiming to enhance enactive perception, reflexion and observation, increase spatial awareness and intuitive understanding of atmospheric parameters. Founded in 2013 her consultancy office “ALLES oder Licht” is bridging design practice, teaching and application driven scientific research in the fields of light and vision, human perception, and cognitive sciences.


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