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Wei-An Chen

Doctoral Candidate Architecture and Planning



Wei-An Chen is a creative, passionate, and committed architectural researcher who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Wei-An’s journey commenced with the completion of a bachelor’s in architectural studies in 2012, and a Master of Architecture (Prof) with 1st Class Honours in 2016 from the University of Auckland. Since 2012, Wei-An has had the privilege of lending her expertise to renowned architectural firms in New Zealand. This extensive professional experience has equipped her with an in-depth understanding of project management, stakeholder coordination, and the intricate dynamics of architectural practice. 
Following a decade of practicing architecture in New Zealand, in 2020, Wei-An returns to academia fuelled by her interest in the potential therapeutic dimensions of architecture. Wei-an’s research aims to enhance the therapeutic capacities of space production by advancing the understanding of the sensory and corporeal dimensions of architectural experience from a somatic lens. Her research advocates a layer of psychosomatic clarity for architectural designers, allowing a conscious approach to convey the affective aspects of architecture, which also provides alternative tools for therapeutic practitioners to improve their patient's psychosomatic resilience from non-verbal resources. 

With the curiosity for an embodied experience afforded by architecture, Wei-An has explored architectural experience transcending borders across Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and the US. This global exposure has enriched their design sensibilities and deepened their appreciation for the cultural diversity that shapes architectural expression. Positioned at the crossroads of architectural practice, research, education, and entrepreneurial spirit, Wei-An aspires to catalyse transformative change within the architectural arena. 

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