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Through this mission statement, we aspire to cultivate an environment that supports continuous learning, career advancement, and meaningful connections among alumni and faculty. Join us in achieving these goals and contributing to the ongoing success and growth of the Moving Boundaries community.

Creating an alumni program for "Moving Boundaries," a program dedicated to exploring the intersection of architecture and human sciences, aims to foster a thriving community of engaged, informed, and connected professionals. This initiative seeks to harness its alumni's collective expertise, experiences, and insights to inspire innovation, support continuous learning, and contribute to the field's advancement.


Click here to read more of our key objectives for the alumni program. 

Our mission:

At the heart of the Moving Boundaries Collaborative are initiatives in education, research and practice, and outreach and advocacy: 

1. Education:

Continue your journey with courses at the intersection of human sciences and design. Our online and on-site programs, led by world-class faculty, bring science-informed, evidence-based design into practice. Explore intensive courses, webinars, retreats, and a rich archive of resources, including video lectures and publications, tailored for our alumni community.


2. Research & Practice:

Enhance your professional life by integrating human sciences and design knowledge. Our interdisciplinary approach promotes cutting-edge applications in design, fostering healthy collaboration and community engagement. We offer practical tools, guides, and consulting services to support sustainable and humane design practices, helping alumni stay at the forefront of the field.

3. Outreach & Advocacy:

Inspire others with humanist design for a healthier world. As alumni, you are vital in nurturing our community, connecting ideas, and providing opportunities through scholarships and outreach initiatives. Our publications and advocacy efforts promote a sustainable and well-designed environment, empowering you to be leaders in this movement.

Moving Boundaries Manifesto 

In 2022, a group of MB Alumni came together to write a manifesto for the MB organisation to capture the spirit of our interests, learning and pursuit of exploration at the intersection of architecture and the human sciences. This manifesto can be found on the following link:  

What is our objective with the MB Alumni programme? 


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