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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses are open to architecture and design professionals, including architects, urban designers landscape architects, historians, artists, environmental and health experts, lighting, interior and product designers, cognitive scientists and psychologists, sociologists, neuroscientists and anthropologists, as well as educators, graduate and postdoctoral students in these disciplines from any part of the world. 

Who is eligible to apply to the Moving Boundaries courses?

Lectures, masterclasses, workshops, and roundtable discussions will all be conducted in English. Several supporting faculty speak other languages, and they may be able to help with translation occasionally (we cannot provide continuous translation).

In what language will the course be conducted? 

Tuition will cover lectures, masterclasses, workshops, field trip (boat rental), sketching sessions, roundtable discussions, the Certificate of Completion, the Welcome Dinner and part of the Banquet fee. Tuition will also cover digital course materials and recordings of selected lectures, as soon as they are edited after the end of the course. 

What will tuition cover?

Credits for the program need to be approved by the university you are currently attending. Check with your academic advisor regarding the procedure for obtaining credits since some institutions require that credits be approved prior to enrolling in the program. Practicing architects may apply (on their own) for AIA learning credits, but the outcome depends on your local chapter and cannot be guaranteed by MB. A Syllabus with a summary of all activities and list of course hours will be provided.

Can I receive credits for attending?

From Arlanda Airport (Stockholm)

There are multiple transportation options available to reach the city from Arlanda Airport. You may opt for the fast train (Arlanda Express), the Airport Shuttle Bus, or a Taxi, all of which will take you to Stockholm. Once you're in the city, public transportation is easily accessible and convenient to use. If you are fully enrolled, you may purchase tickets anytime.

How do I get to Stockholm? and when can I purchase tickets?

A notebook, pens, and sketching materials should suffice, but we highly recommend bringing a laptop computer or a tablet computer to access course materials from the website. We will not be working with digital modeling tools during this course. 

What supplies will I need to bring?

Participants are responsible for arranging their travel to Sweden and from Finland, lodging and meals. Moving Boundaries will provide a list of suggestions. Tuition does not include travel expenses and arrangements. Participants may take advantage of the sign-up list in Google Drive, sharing lodging in order to minimize expenses. Sharing options shall be initiated and coordinated by participants using shared folders created by MB for the group. 

Please plan to arrive in Stockholm by August 11. If you wish to minimize the effects of jet lag, please consider arriving on August 10 or earlier. Check out in Stockholm, in the morning of August 20. That evening we will travel by ferry to Helsinki. You may fly instead. Plan to check in at your hotel or Airbnb in Helsinki, Finland on August 21 (if you arrive by ferry) and check out on August 24, or consider staying a few more days to tour architectural masterpieces. A list of suggestions and addresses will be provided for recommended tours in Jyvaskyla and other locations.

How will lodging and meals be arranged?

Meals and lodging options vary in the summer season. An Airbnb may be more affordable than a hotel, and you might consider sharing lodging with others. You can find the breakdown of average expenses in the course brochure. Please note that tuition fees are excluded from the cost breakdown. Tuition rates are found on the How to Apply page or you may e-mail MB to request the rates. 

How much will it cost to attend?

Yes, 5-8 full-tuition and 20 partial-tuition scholarships have been provided.

Does the course have a scholarship program?

All participants will have access to a detailed course program, the brochure with abstracts of presentations, a collection of digital resources that include articles, book chapters and video lectures, and a course reader. After the course, participants will have access to selected recordings from the course. Additionally, participants will have access to a group communication platform (WhatsApp), where they will be able to interact with one another and uphold their network, during and after the on-site program.

What resources will be offered before and during the course?

You will have access to speakers during all course activities and social events, including occasional meals and coffee breaks, throughout the two weeks. Find the list of speakers and their bios on the brochure and the Faculty page. 

Who are the speakers and how much access will I have to them throughout the course?

Yes, there will be free time. Please consult the program. We do encourage you to explore the local culture, neighborhoods and cuisine. If you would like to visit additional cities, we encourage you to do so before or after the two-week course. After lectures and social events finish on August 24, we encourage everyone to see (on their own) additional work by architects and landscape architects in Finland. MB will provide recommendations.

Will there be free time and can I explore other locations during the course?

Can I bring family or friends with me?  Can they join the complimentary welcome dinner?

Yes, family and friends may travel with you, and they are welcome to join social events during the course, but they may not attend lectures, workshops or roundtable discussions. 

You may bring one person with you to our complimentary MB welcome dinner, but please first ask us if space permits. Each extra guest may pay for the dinner ahead of time, using our payment link. Group dinners are on the first and last day of the course. The other meals are all self-organized.

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