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Andreia  Schmidt

Member of ANFA (USA) and ANFA (Brazil chapter).


For the last 15 years Andreia Schmidt had her own school where she developed a teaching methodology based on art, cooking, and gardening. She then went back to college and graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning and completed a postgraduate master’s degree in Neuroarchitecture at IPOG. Nowadays, she studies Interior Design at the Lisbon School of Design.
She is a member of ANFA (USA) and ANFA (Brazil chapter).
She has been working in the development of an intentional intergenerational community, seeking for local identity and involving people's affective memory, implementing in this space the possibility of bodily activation for good aging. 

After being part of the first Moving Boundaries in Iberia, her project underwent profound transformations, as well as her way of approaching the design act. 
In the last edition of Moving Boundaries in Italy, she defended significant changes in the environments of the project, offering spaces that can provide autonomy, independence, and better health condition for its users, improving human well-being at all ages. 


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