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Ana Karen Angulo Garibay

Architect / Master in Neuroscience applied to Architectural Design



Ana is an architect by the University ITESO from Guadalajara, Mexico, and a Master in Neuroscience applied to Architectural Design by the University IUAV from Venice, Italy. She also has a basic formation in Psychology by the University IEU from Queretaro, Mexico, and is a Mexican Chef by the Colegio Gastronomico Internacional in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

In 2015, Ana founded her own architecture firm ‘AKA Architecture’ where she designed and built restaurants, residences, and landscapes. In her work, she seeks to bridge neuroscience research with architectural design, applying targets of design such as scale, form, color, biophilia, and technology. Her research interests involve the interdisciplinary field of environmental psychology, cognitive science, indoor environmental qualities, and architecture theory. Her latest research focuses on co-designing a house for people with dementia in order to elongate the time they live in their own houses by improving autonomy and well-being through targets of design such as ergonomics, neuroarchitecture, and the implementation of technology. 


As a Mexican architect, Ana is a profound lover of Barragan’s architecture, she has dedicated more than 5 years to studying his work and the work of those people that were close to him, such as Chucho Reyes, Juan Palomar, Mathias Goeritz, Andres Casillas, etc.

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