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Ellen Ruge

Lighting Designer



Ellen Ruge is a light designer who has worked all over the world and has collaborated on a great number of stage productions with many of the best world-known theatres. She was born in Oslo and currently lives in Sweden. She has been active as a lighting designer in Sweden and abroad since the mid-1980’s. Ellen is particularly fond of opera but has also worked with theater, dance, musicals and art shows. With her exceptional sensitivity for how light embodies different moods and captures emotions, she creates magical places on international theater and opera stages as well as in public spaces. Ellen Ruge has worked on all the major opera and theater stages in Sweden and continues to work for a number of international opera houses. She has received multiple awards for her work on stage and in public art, among them the Norwegian theater prize Hedda for best light design and His Majesty The King’s Medal for her contributions to Swedish performance art. In 2020, she was awarded the Swedish Theatre Critics Association award for her long term and much appreciated contributions to Swedish performance art.


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