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Andréa de Paiva

Website Developing and Speakers Coordinating

Andréa de Paiva is a member of the ACE (ANFA Center for Education of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture) and creator of NeuroAU ( | @neuro_au), which aims to discuss and disseminate knowledge about the links between cognitive science and architecture & urbanism. Master of Arts from Middlesex University in London and architect and urban planner from USP, she is also co-author of the book Triuno: Neurobusiness and Quality of Life.

Andréa works as a neuroscience for architecture professor at two universities: FGV and FAAP. At FGV, she helped create and coordinate neuroscience applied to business courses. At FAAP, she created the course Neuroscience Applied to Environments and Creation, in which she also teaches. Andréa was also invited to give lectures and webinars at Varna Free University, in Bulgaria; SECOVI-SP (neuroscience applied to architecture) and SESC-SP (neuroscience applied to female leadership).

In addition, she is a consultant for NeuroArchitecture, having consulted at Athié Wohnrath and FGV-Projetos. Certified in Design Thinking by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, she is a speaker on topics related to neuroscience for architecture and urbanism ; cognitive science and soft skills; and unconscious bias and female leadership. She speaks English and Portuguese.


Andréa de Paiva
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