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Moving Boundaries Nordic X Summer Course, 2024

Terms and Conditions



Last updated January, 2024

Moving Boundaries offers educational services in the form of an intensive two-week summer course. Services will be delivered from 12 August 2024 to 23 August 2024, in Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland.  

Services include: all lectures; masterclasses; roundtable discussions; workshops and sketching lessons; field trips; social events with faculty. Services do Not include payments for architecture tours which are charged by independent providers (although MB will coordinate these tours and will book them, for all). 

Course topics include: Ecology of Light in Space and Interweaving the Senses in Design,  and in architecture and landscape design.

Participants agree that the arrangements and expenses for travel, lodging, and meals are their responsibility, including travel to Scandinavia, and every fee for hotel or Airbnb reservation and accommodation. 

Delivery of educational services is the sole responsibility of Moving Boundaries, which includes inviting the teaching faculty, organizing the schedule and curriculum of the course, securing teaching facilities, providing transportation for field trips, and selecting the manner of presentation of educational materials. MB also provides two complimentary dinners, on the first and last nights of the summer course. 

While the dates and locations of the course will not change, the schedule of planned activities and composition of the faculty are subject to change. Accordingly, Moving Boundaries is entitled to modify the schedule and the content of the course mentioned herein, which will be communicated to participants by email. 

As a condition for attending the course, participants will be required to send a valid proof of a "negative" Covid test (may be a self-test) to Moving Boundaries by email on August 10 or 11, before the course begins. This information will be confidential. No one testing positive for Covid will be allowed to attend the course, including faculty, until he or she again tests negative, however long this may take. 

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they are allowed to enter both Sweden and Finland. If necessary, Moving Boundaries will provide proof of enrollment to help students secure entry documents. We strongly encourage securing a Visa well ahead of time, as the process can be lengthy and complicated. All participants who require a Visa are encouraged by MB to apply for all needed documents no later than February 28, 2024.  



Last updated  November 2023 


Participants agree to pay a nonrefundable deposit of $480 to secure their reservation in the course. The remaining tuition ($1320 for students or $1920 for professionals) must be paid in order to be fully enrolled in the course and to receive access to a student assistant and to course resources. In case participants fail to pay the remaining tuition until the date communicated by email, we cannot  guarantee that their reservation in the course will be preserved. If we do not hear from the participant by March 2, and if the remaining tuition is not received, the participant's name shall be moved to a "Wait List" from the "Enrollment List". 

To qualify for student discount, students will be required to present proof of their student status. The proof could be a picture of student ID or a letter from the University. Additionally, students will be required to send an email to from their University email account.

In case the 2024 course is cancelled, because of the pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances, tuition will be carried over to the following year. Participants will have their reservation guaranteed for the next course in 2025. However, the schedule of activities and lectures will be subject to change. 


Moving Boundaries staff ask all participants to be sure that they will attend the course, before submitting their deposit and tuition payments. Deposits and tuition are not refundable. These terms are clearly outlined in the email communications from MB. In case an emergency arises before the start of the course, and in case the participant cannot secure a Visa in time, the option to transfer to the next MB course (without losing any funds) will be offered. All tuition money can be transferred to the next course, with no penalty, but only in case of emergency or issues with the Visa. 


Please write to us at if you have questions or comments.

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