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Moving Boundaries - Sponsor of EDRA Conference 2024

Moving Boundaries was proud to sponsor the EDRA55PDX Conference this summer. MB and the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) were delighted to partner to promote shared goals of improving the relationship between people and environments for health and wellbeing. EDRA55PDX was titled ‘Human Centric Environment: Promoting design that sustains human prosperity, wellbeing, and the global environment at all scales highlighting EDRA's belief in the role of design as a shaper of human experience and social responsibility, and we were delighted to partner with EDRA as part of this shared agenda.


As part of the developing partnership, we were so happy to see so many Moving Boundaries Alumni at the EDRA55PDX conference in Portland, Oregon, USA on 19th-22nd June 2024. Many of our Alumni, and faculty, presented their research and we greatly enjoyed the opportunity for  members and interdisciplinary thinkers to share ideas, learn together, and perhaps form the beginning of global collaborations.​​​

Our New Course and Retreat in Amares, Portugal: March 22-30, 2025 is now Sold Out 
(as of June 1, 2024)

MBX Moving Boundaries Forum at Pousada Santa Maria do Bouro, Amares and at Pousada Geres.


This course and retreat sold out on June 1. More information about this unique course: Lectures and Masterclasses, Workshops, Tours in the Minho Wine Region and Porto, Dinners, Film Screenings, Poetry Readings, Stone Workshops, Sketching, Networking, and Living together at the Pousada in Amares, Santa Maria do Bouro, a 12th-century monastery restored and designed by Pritzker-Prize winning architect, Eduardo Souto de Moura, and at Pousada Geres. Lectures, debates, and contributions from all attendees will be included in the publication MBX Manifesto: Design for Health and Wellbeing. We are no longer accepting applications. We have started a waitlist for this course. Please click "Apply Now" below to be added to the waitlist.


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