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Ana Karen MBX

Ana Karen Angulo Garibay

Architect / Master in Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design


Ana is an architect who graduated from ITESO University in Guadalajara, Mexico. She holds a Master's in Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design from the University IUAV in Venice, Italy. Currently, she is pursuing a Psychology degree at the University IEU in Puebla, Mexico.
In 2015, Ana established the firm AKA Architecture, specializing in designing and constructing residences in Mexico. She also works as an interior designer and consultant, integrating neuroscience research with architectural and interior design for large-scale buildings. Her work is fueled by a passion for interdisciplinary studies, particularly in environmental psychology, cognitive science, indoor qualities, art, and architecture.
Ana’s research topics revolve around designing residences that can promote autonomy and well-being for people with dementia and designing the interior of a psychiatric hospital to promote mental health through interior design.

Faculty Support Lead (Coordination)

MB Project Manager

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