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Arkar Hein


M.Sc (c) Neuroscience & Education , M.Arch NAAB, B.Arch


Arkar Hein is an architectural designer and researcher located in New York. He works as a project manager for a design firm in San Diego and as a behavioral neuroscience researcher at Teachers College, Columbia University, where he is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Neuroscience and Education simultaneously.  Arkar received a Master of Architecture degree from the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego, California, as well as accreditation in Healthy Urbanism and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Thanlyin Technological University in Yangon, Myanmar. 


Arkar is committed to the humanitarian implications of architecture, and his work is influenced by neuroscience and human behavior. His current study is focused on creating classrooms that ameliorate EEG stress patterns in combat veteran students suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He also works as a design consultant with Sensory-Friendly San Diego, where he is responsible for conducting research and designing sensory-friendly learning environments for people with an autism spectrum disorder. 

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Arkar also helped founded Virtual School of Architecture, Myanmar, along with Myanmar architects and educators from the U.S, the U.K, Japan, Thailand, and Myanmar. There, he assists as a lecturer and academic advisor. He speaks Burmese and English fluently and has a rudimentary understanding of Hindi, Arabic, and Spanish.

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