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Alumni Mission Statement

What is our objective with the MB Alumni programme? 

Creating an alumni program for "Moving Boundaries," a program dedicated to exploring the intersection of architecture and human sciences, aims to foster a thriving community of professionals who are engaged, informed, and connected. This initiative seeks to harness the collective expertise, experiences, and insights of its alumni to inspire innovation, support continuous learning, and contribute to the field's advancement. Here are some key objectives for the alumni program:

1. Networking and Community Building: One of the primary objectives is to cultivate a strong, active community that facilitates professional networking, reserach and career opportunities, mentorship and collaboration among alumni. By connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds within architecture, human sciences and related fields, we aim to foster relationships that transcend geographical and disciplinary boundaries, encouraging a culture of mutual support and shared growth.

2. Continuous Learning and Professional Development: The alumni program is committed to supporting ongoing educational opportunities that enable members to stay at the forefront of this intersectional field. This includes organizing and sharing events, resources and insights from some of the most renowned experts in this field. The goal is to empower alumni to continually enhance their knowledge and skills, adapting to evolving challenges and opportunities within architecture and the human sciences.

3. Contributing to the Field's Advancement: Through collaborative projects, research initiatives, and thought leadership developerd by this community, the alumni program aims to make significant contributions to the advancement of understanding how  architecture and the  human sciences intersect. By leveraging the diverse expertise of its members, the program seeks to address complex challenges, push the boundaries of conventional thinking, and propose innovative ideas. 

4. Supporting Current and Future Students: An essential objective of the alumni program is to create a bridge between alumni and current students of the "Moving Boundaries" program. This may involve opportunities for mentorship, collaborations and engagment that not only enrich current participant's' experience but also provide them with valuable insights and professional contacts. 

5. Fostering a Culture of Philanthropy and 'paying it forward': The alumni program seeks to cultivate a spirit of giving back, whether through financial contributions, volunteering time, or sharing expertise. This support can play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and growth of the "Moving Boundaries" program, enabling it to expand its reach, enhance its offerings, and increase its impact.

In summary, the alumni program for "Moving Boundaries" is designed to build a vibrant, engaged community that supports professional growth, encourages lifelong learning, and contributes positively to the fields of architecture and human sciences. Through collaboration, innovation, and shared commitment, the program aims to empower its members to make meaningful contributions to society and the environment.

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