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Communication with Speakers

Elisabetta Canepa

MSc in Architecture and Design​


Elisabetta Canepa is an architect, researcher, and lecturer from Genoa, Italy. She is currently an EU Marie Curie Postdoc Fellow running the RESONANCES project ( By experimenting with the synthesis between architecture and cognitive neuroscience principles, Elisabetta intends to analyze the emotional effects of architectural atmospheres combining self-report procedures and measurements of physiological responses and neural activation.


She is currently working at K-State University (Manhattan, KS) under the supervision of Prof. Robert Condia and collaborating with the Brain, Body, Architecture Research (BBAR) Lab at Aalborg University (Denmark). Her host institution is the University of Genoa, where she is supported by the Departments of Architecture and Design (dAD) and Experimental Medicine (DIMES). She is also a faculty member in the Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design (NAAD) Master’s Program at the Iuav University of Venice.

Elisabetta earned a Ph.D. in Architecture and Design Research (2019) and an MS in Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Genova (2013). Her Ph.D. project about the emotional correlates of architectural atmospheres was awarded at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies (La Jolla, California) in September 2018 during the ANFA Conference Poster Competition.

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