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A headshot of Hamidreza Eizadi

Hamidreza Eizadi

Lighting Design Researcher/Educator



Hamid is currently a Research Engineer based at KTH Lighting Lab in Stockholm, Sweden, involved in a variety of projects focused on Architectural Lighting Design. Additionally, he collaborates with Johanna Enger at Konstfact (University of Arts, Crafts and Design), where he tutors in the Perception studio.

With dual Master's degrees in Architectural Lighting Design (KTH) and Sustainable Architecture (IUST), Hamid's educational background has enriched his perspective, followed by participating in the first Light4Health summer course in the UK.

Aside from a few years of practicing Architecture and Lighting Design, his experiences in teaching at various universities and engaging in professional design work have provided a well-rounded blend of knowledge.

Local Coordination Stockholm


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