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Ines Bartl

Lighting Designer


Ines Bartl is a Lighting and Stage Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.
With her background in Interior design, theater, and Architectural Lighting Design, she loves to create emotional experiences and to design immersive spaces that open up new worlds to the visitors. With her work, she wants to amaze and inspire people. 
Recently, she set up her own business, where she is combining her passion for performance, spatial composition, culture, scenography, and light. Ines is interested in exploring the relation between space and human and what role we take towards our environment. She is inspired by the playfulness and diversity of light, but also by the people she meets on her way. She loves to hear their stories and share experiences to continuously grow and gain knowledge.

Originally from Germany, she first studied Interior Design at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg and the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland. Thereafter, she worked as Assistant Stage and Costume Designer at the Theater Erlangen for two seasons, where she started to realize her first own productions.
In 2021, she moved to Stockholm to study Architectural Lighting Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Her thesis 'The new Soundforest - The role of lighting in inclusive interactive museum installations', which was conducted in collaboration with Stockholm’s Museum of Performing Arts, explores interactive installations as immersive experience for hearing-impaired user using light, sound and haptic feedback. 

Her works include exhibitions, spatial installations, recitals, plays and other performative events, as well as temporary light installations and collaborations with international light festivals, such as Lights in Alingsås and Nobel Week Lights in Stockholm. In 2023 she was awarded the Silhouette Award and the IES Emerging Professionals Sponsorship.

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