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Jessica Patrick






Jessica Patrick is dedicated to the research and design of spaces that enhance users' emotional, mental and physical well-being. She obtained her M.Arch degree concentrating in Neuroscience for Architecture from the NewSchool of Architecture + Design, where she began exploring the intersection of neuroscience and architecture. Her master's thesis, Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Architectural Language: Raising E.Q. in Prison Architecture, was awarded the 2019 AIA San Diego Student Design Award for research and design, and it was lauded for suggesting a new approach to design for those in correctional facilities. In this work, Jessica used research in neuroscience to break traditional forms of thought and to design for those who commit crimes. Jessica was a recipient of the Pillar's Scholarship to support her research in the Intersection Between Neuroscience and Craftsmanship, Doing Work by Hand, while at the summer course in Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

She was a presenter at the 2020 ANFA Conference, showcasing her work completed together with Eduardo Macagno, Designing a Retirement Community; Minding the Hippocampus, where design decisions are based around elements that may help in strengthening the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is adversely affected by  dementia. To pursue her passion and to use these studies in practical ways, Jessica received WELL Accreditation, to help facilitate building certification to meet the International WELL Buildings Standards. 


Jessica is preparing for her Architecture License while she works at HED (Harley Ellis Devereaux).  Jessica received her B.A. in Italian Language and Literature, and she lived, worked, and studied in Italy for over four years, immersing herself in the humanities, languages, and Italian studies. She is a native English speaker and is fluent in Italian.

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