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Mark Rego

 Architect and Researcher


Mark Rego is a qualified architect in Ireland and Portugal and has worked on projects in the USA, Portugal, South America, Africa and the United Kingdom. He has a Professional Diploma in Heritage Conservation from the Escola Profissional de Recuperação do Património de Sintra, an undergraduate architectural degree from the Boston Architectural College, undertook postgraduate studies in architecture at the University of Porto, a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow, a Professional Diploma in Architecture from the University College Dublin, and is currently working on PhD research at the Glasgow School of Art – Mackintosh School of Architecture.

He currently lectures at the Boston Architectural College and the Glasgow School of Art. His main interests lie in the intersections and interrelationships between philosophy, architectural theory, and practice. The title of his PhD research is: Architecture of Time / Time in Architecture: Bergson and the Philosophy of Architecture.

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