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Arkar Hein

Website Developing and Enrollment

Arkar Hein is an architectural designer and a Design Consultant from San Diego. He holds an M.Arch degree with minors in Neuroscience for Architecture and Healthy Urbanism from the NewSchool of Architecture & Design and a B.Arch degree from the Thanlyin TechnologicalUniversity, Yangon, Burma. He possesses strong design acumen and an empathetic approach to the architecture profession, built over his sensitivity and passion towards humanitarian aspects of design. His current works involve housing slums from Yangon, Burma, to net-zero affordable and luxury residences in San Diego. He has also worked with professionals from several nations and made design proposals in Burma, Japan, Spain, and the United States.

He recently joined Sensory Inclusive San Diego and is responsible for researching and designing sensory-friendly learning facilities for people in the spectrum as a designer. He has an unyielding passion for Neuroscience for Architecture and is currently seeking opportunities to complete a doctorate degree in Neuroscience. Arkar has basic knowledge of Hindi and Arabic and fluently speaks Burmese and English.


Arkar Hein
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